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Mallardtone Pro Staff

Matt Hassinger - CEO


Matt is the owner and CEO of Mallardtone.  He has been hunting and fishing for well over 25 years, and has called hundreds of wild turkeys to the gun for himself, his family, and his friends over the years.  Matt knows what it takes to draw those weary gobblers within range, having been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hunt with some of the best sportsman in the industry during this time.

Matt grew up in McAlevey’s Fort, a small town in Northern Huntingdon County where his step-father Terry first introduced him to turkey hunting and taught him the woodsmanship needed to pattern, track, and hunt game.  When Matt was a kid, his step-grandfather Ralph had turkeys on his farm, and that is where Matt learned how to call turkeys with his natural voice by listening and imitating them.

Matt loves to share his passion of the outdoors by hunting and fishing with his family and close friends. He especially loves to hunt with his father Ron, and his young daughter Samantha who has been his hunting buddy since she was 4 years old.  Matt is an avid archery and muzzleloader hunter and has taken many bucks with a bow. He also loves to fish for Salmon and Steelhead and trout fish in the local Pa streams.

Matt’s most memorable outdoor moments were going to camp when he was a kid with his grandfather Harry and fishing for bass and walleye on Glendale Lake.

Matt’s future plans are to complete his turkey grand slam and hunt elk out west.

There is nothing like taking a kid hunting and fishing… it’s a memory that will last a lifetime!

Samantha Hassinger - Junior Pro Staff


Samantha has been hunting and fishing with her father Matt since she was 4 years old! Samantha has harvested several nice bucks during her young career, her biggest buck so far being a nice 9pt taken in Central Pa.  When she was 10 years old, she shot a VERY RARE AND UNIQUE ANTLERED DOE!  That's Right,  an Antlered Doe!  It sported a nice 4 point rack in FULL VELVET! Samantha has been in several outdoor publications for her rare accomplishment and has been personally recognized by the Deer Doctor Peter Fiduccia from Woods-N-Water TV!  Samantha has also harvested several ducks and geese, as well as several nice spring gobblers! Her most memorable moments were hunting for wild feral hogs in Florida and shooting a huge trophy boar with massive cutters in the morning, and then spearing a huge boar that night while hunting them with dogs!

Rob Dean - Field Pro Staff


Rob is an avid outdoorsman with over 30 years of experience including; hunting white tail deer, upland birds, water fowl and fishing for: salmon, steelhead, brown trout, large and small mouth bass and snook and peacock bass in Central America.  Rob has called in countless whitetails within bow range, and has become a master of tactics and strategy, whether bow hunting for whitetails or shot gunning for waterfowl.  He is a current and active member of ducks unlimited, Cudahy Sportsman Club, and is also a pro staff member of Wingshooters of Wisconsin (

Rob was born and raised in central Pennsylvania, where he learned his love of the outdoors and his woodsman skills from his father Lee and his grandfather Frank.  Rob has hunted and fished in the Northeast U.S., Southwest U.S., the Deep South, the Midwest, as well as Central America. He currently resides in Wisconsin, where he consistently logs hundreds of days every year afield.  Rob is a part time professional fishing guide on Lake Michigan’s tributaries and will begin guided waterfowl hunts in southeast Wisconsin in October of 2010.

Sara Love - Field Pro Staff


Sara grew up in the middle of Central Pennsylvania and has been honing her outdoor skills in the mountains, lakes and rivers of Happy Valley for years.  Over the past few years, Sara has proven to be a dominate contender with her bow.  Sara has become an expert archer, turkey hunter and fisherman. Did I mention that she is also the Queen of Bow Fishing!  She enjoys anything related to the outdoors.  Sara is a great role model for outdoors lovers young and old alike.

Cassi Weaver - Field Pro Staff


Cassi is an avid and passionate outdoorsman from the heart of Central Pennsylvania.  She grew up hunting and fishing with her father since she was little, and she now possesses the art and skill to dominate the woods.  Cassi enjoys just about anything related to the outdoors, and especially loves to hunt turkey and bow hunt for deer. During the summer months you will find her honing her archery skills by bowfishing in the local rivers and lakes when she does not have a fishing pole in her hand.

Ron Hassinger - Pro Staff


Ron is an avid outdoorsman with over 45 years of hunting experience.  Ron has taken many whitetail deer and wild turkey, as well as Caribou from Northern Quebec.

Lee Dean - Pro Staff


Lee is an avid outdoorsman from central Pennsylvania with over 50 years of hunting and fishing experience.  Lee has harvested countless deer, turkey, ducks, geese, coyotes, antelope, mule deer, elk, and bear all over the U.S..  Lee has also harvested many caribou in Canada.  Although Lee has been sucessful hunting all types of game, his favorite passion is fishing!  Lee has caught just about everything imaginable.  He usually has several fish on the bank before anyone around him even gets a bite!

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