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10ga Remington Classic Extended Range Unported

Model Number: 5119


The Patternmaster Classic Extended Range tube was designed around a 3 ½” shotshell wad to give those hunters who demand the most out of their equipment just what they need. This product will give you a “Full” to “Extra Full” pattern with an effective range up to 70 Yards. Want a more open pattern? Dropping pellet size will allow your pattern to open up more, just as increasing your pellet size will tighten it. All Patternmaster Classic tubes are crafted from American made, titanium infused 17-4ph stainless-steel, are heat treated to the optimum level for best performance and are safe and effective with Lead, Steel, and other Non-Toxic shot including TSS.


*For best results, Ballistic Performance, LLC, recommends ammunition velocities below 1550fps. 





Remington 10ga SP10

Model Number: 5119


10ga Remington Classic Extended Range Unported - 5119

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