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12ga CZ Active Choke Anaconda Mid Range .715

Model Number: 5694


The Anaconda Mid Range (0.715) provides affordable versatility with our “Coil Zone” gas over constriction technology (US patent #8,276,305). The Anaconda Mid Range is an ideal waterfowl and pheasant tube and provides consistent patterns. Big geese in the decoys, pass shooting ducks and we’ve even seen a Longbeard or two fall to the Anaconda Mid. The Anaconda Mid Range was designed to produce a Modified pattern while shortening the shot string, giving it an effective range up to 50 Yards. All Patternmaster Anaconda tubes are made from aircraft quality 17-4ph stainless steel and powder coated with a Military-Spec, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) for a lifetime of durability.


*For best results, Ballistic Performance, LLC, recommends ammunition velocities below 1550fps. 





CZ USA 12ga CZ 1012

CZ USA 12ga CZ 712 G3

Model Number: 5694

12ga CZ Active Choke Anaconda Mid Range .715 - 5694

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