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12ga CZ Active Choke Anaconda Short Range - 5693


The Anaconda Short Range (0.730) provides affordable versatility with our “Coil Zone” gas over constriction technology (US patent #8,276,305). The Anaconda Short Range is the perfect companion for the upland hunters, small game hunters, and duck hunters who prefer shooting over-decoys. The Anaconda Short Range was designed to produce an Improved Cylinder pattern while shortening the shot string, giving it an effective range up to 40 Yards. All Patternmaster Anaconda tubes are made from aircraft quality 17-4ph stainless steel and powder coated with a Military-Spec, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) for a lifetime of durability. 


*For best results, Ballistic Performance, LLC, recommends ammunition velocities below 1550fps. 



CZ USA 12ga CZ 1012

CZ USA 12ga CZ 712 G3

Model Number: 5693

12ga CZ Active Choke Anaconda Short Range .730 - 5693

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