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12ga CZ Active Choke Black Mamba 0.690 - Model 5660


The Black Mamba is arguably the world's most deadly snake, highly lethal with incredible striking power. The new Patternmaster Black Mamba tube lives up to the legacy. Using our patented Coil Zone™ technology the Black Mamba was designed to bridge the gap between our Anaconda Long Range and the Anaconda Striker tube. The Black Mamba is for hunters looking for the tightest pattern possible at insane distances while still being able to shoot Lead, Steel, and other Non-Toxic shot including TSS Blends. The Black Mamba has changed what we thought was possible with constriction tubes. *NOT FOR USE WITH SLUG AMMUNITION




CZ USA 12ga CZ 1012

CZ USA 12ga CZ 712 G3

Model Number: 5660

12ga CZ Active Choke Black Mamba 0.690 - 5660

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