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12ga Mossberg 835/935 Anaconda Long Range .700

Patternmaster Anaconda Mossberg 835/935 LONG range (0.700”) has “Gas over Constriction Technology” within the patented “Coil Zone” made up of channels used to harness gas expelled from the ammunition. “Coil Zone” channels are spun in a negative twist to stabilize the wad for even, consistent patterns and keep the tube tight in the barrel. Anaconda LONG range will throw a FULL pattern with distances out to 60 yards. This tube is safe and effective with steel or other non-toxic shot as well as lead shot.

Note: Testing done by Ballistics Performance has determined that ammunition with velocity of 1550fps and below will achieve the best results with Patternmaster Tubes.

Model Number: 5551

12ga Mossberg 835/935 Anaconda Long Range .700 - 5551

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