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Code Black Duck The Code Black Duck is arguably the worlds most versatile tube. Imagine a single tube that will get it done in everything from the Arkansas timber, Eastern Shore Geese, all the way Georgia Dove Field and still hold it’s own on a Missouri Longbeard. The Code Black Duck’s versatility is not only in it’s patented design, but in it’s construction. Our patented stud ring design shortens the shot string when you hit your quarry you hit em with the entire load. Expect a tighter pattern similar to a “full”. Effective distances vary from load and pellet size...but experienced hands should expect clean kills at distances most would consider lucky.Crafted from titanium infused 17-4 aircraft quality stainless-steel you should see a lifetime of serious usage. If you’re like most of us and are looking for simple but effective the Code Black Duck is the tube for you.


* Ballistic Specialities suggests ammunition below 1550FPS for best results




Beretta 20ga A400 Xplor Action

Beretta 20ga SV10 Perennia 20ga

Beretta Optima HP A400


Price: $94.99
Model Number: 5376


20ga Beretta Optima HP Code Black Duck - 5376

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