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20ga Remington Classic Long Range Unported

Model Number: 5146


The Patternmaster Classic Long Range is arguably the world’s most versatile tube. Designed around 2 ¾”-3” shotshell wads, this product will give you a “Full” to “Extra Full” pattern with an effective range of up to 60 Yards. Want a more open pattern? Dropping pellet size will allow your pattern to open up more, as will using 3 ½” shells through this tube. Want a tighter pattern? Try increasing your pellet size. All Patternmaster Classic tubes are crafted from American made, titanium infused 17-4ph stainless-steel, are heat treated to the optimum level for best performance and are safe and effective with Non-Toxic shot.


*For best results, Ballistic Performance, LLC, recommends ammunition velocities below 1550fps.


Not to be used with Slug ammunition.



Remington 20ga

Model Number: 5146


20ga Remington Classic Long Range Unported - 5146

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