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410ga Mobile Code Black Turkey XTRA-FULL .381 - 5652


Patternmaster's 410ga Code Black Turkey XTRA-FULL is designed to use with all brands of 410ga Turkey loads. Similar to our 12ga and 20ga Code Black Turkey, the 410ga is Bronze Titanium coated for extra corrosion resistance and the color blends well in Turkey hunting environments. The 410ga Code Black Turkey has simulated canoe porting to look like the rest of the family, but the porting does not break through to the inside of the tube. Since recoil is not a big issue with 410ga, the porting helps to reduce the weight for faster on-target swing if necessary. Patternmaster 410ga Code Black Turkey XTRA-FULL has three consecutive rings combined with constriction inside to help slow the wad and keep it from interfering with your shot pattern. 410ga Code Black Turkey XTRA-FULL has a constriction of 0.381" for most .410ga Shotgun models.



American Tactical Imports (ATI) 410 Cavalry SX
Charles Daly 202 O/U
Charles Daly 356 Side by Side
Charles Daly 410 Triple Crown
Charles Daly 500 Side by Side
Iver Johnson 410 IJ 600 O/U
Legacy Sports Pointer 410 1000 Field
Legacy Sports Pointer 410 Arista
Legacy Sports Pointer 410 Phenoma
Tristar 410 Setter S/T O/U
TriStar 410 Silver Eagle XT3 Field Semi-Auto
TriStar 410 Viper G2 Semi-Auto


NOTE: This tube is not to be used with steel or slug ammunition.

Price: $89.99
Model Number: 5652

410ga Mobile Code Black Turkey XTRA-FULL .381 - 5652

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